Experience Art at Richview and Northern District Libraries

I’m excited to report that my art exhibit, Maps of Loss: Rivers, Ruins, and Grief, will be on display at Richview Library from September 7th to the 30th. This exhibit excavates personal feelings of grief and translates them into more universal symbols of loss. When viewers encounter three encaustic paintings and seven collages, they will experience images such as a tidal river, a ruined barn, and a pier with no dock.

Lenin’s Mosaic by Catherine Raine, 2011 (Central image by Gerd Ludwig)

Please come to the opening for Maps of Loss at Richview’s gallery on Saturday, September 10th (3-4 pm). Refreshments served!

The exhibit finishes at the end of September, but the beginning of October heralds another art event. On Saturday October 1st, Ellen Jaffe and I will be offering a Collage and Poetry Experience workshop at Northern District Library as part of the Culture Days program. This free workshop will take place from 10 am to 1 pm.

Flower-Hatted Otters by Catherine Raine, 2011

The Richview exhibit and workshop at Northern District unite two of my passions: libraries and art. I have blogged about both TPL branches as part of my quest to visit all 99 libraries in the system, and I have also found wonderful inspiration and materials from the Picture Collection and second-hand bookstore at Toronto Reference Library (as well as the sister bookstore at North York Central).

Libraries are natural homes for artists, and I feel so fortunate to share my work and experience at two wonderful branches!

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  1. These two events — and the rich experience they will provide for the people who attend (as well as for the artists) — are YET ANOTHER REASON to preserve and support our public libraries!

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