Think About the Pink Sink

A pink sink appeared on a neighbour’s lawn two weeks ago, and I took a picture of it.

IMG_5279The rejected basin was still there yesterday, but some changes in its appearance had occurred.

IMG_5880Pink Sink Reflection

The weight of the pink sink basin is no match for the power of grass. It only takes two weeks for hundreds of green blades to hoist their pastel burden and tilt it to one side. Even the dandelions triumph over the sink and find outlets through the three holes, the ghosts of faucets past.

IMG_5733 IMG_5725 IMG_5717Where hot and cold water once rushed through pipes, new stems flourish wild, breathing spring into the openings that people once controlled. Fluffy weed seeds unfurl with defiance, flaunting the natural disobedience of plant life. It seizes every opportunity to grow, not caring if it’s welcome.

IMG_5734What humans see as trash and ruin, the dandelions respond to with grace and grit. They teach us what really matters: survival, finding a purchase, and overcoming obstacles. They create ingenious beauty in the unlikeliest of places.


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  1. I love the haiku and photos of the pink sink ! Thanks for a creative response !

  2. Thank very much for your encouraging comment about these recent posts! I really appreciate it!

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