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Workshop Collages Bring the Magic!

Today I had the privilege of facilitating two collage workshops on the suggested theme of relaxation. After I got home this evening, I rushed to process pictures of the students’ collages because I was so eager to share their beauty, poetry, and magic!

Vivian's Collage
Vivian’s Collage

The earth is at the bottom of the collage. I come from China, which is the other side of the world. There is a wave pushing a ship towards the colourful  future (the flowers). My house is on the ship. The crane is like me because it looks back towards the sun, towards China and towards the past. My heart is with my family.

Vivian's Collage
Vivian’s Collage
Geraldine's Collage
Geraldine’s Collage

When I came to Canada, I had to start again at the bottom. I struggled and had a lot of stress. The stairs show my difficult climb back up to success.

(Then Geraldine removed the paper veil from the gold coin, making other participants literally gasp with surprise).

Geraldine's Collage
Geraldine’s Collage
Carla's Collage
Carla’s Collage

Brazil is not just about soccer and beautiful women. We have beautiful nature in the Amazon and a lot of interesting animals.

Luis' Collage
Luis’ Collage

I wanted to make a collage about Mexico and one about Canada, my second home.

Luis' Collage
Luis’ Collage (I asked Luis if he had chosen the picture of the tree woman because her branches looked like the shape of the moose antlers. He said the connection was made unconsciously).
Carlos' Collage
Carlos’ Collage

I come from a small town in Venezuala, and I used to spend a lot of time in nature. I miss it. It’s so different from city life in Toronto.

Joy's Collage
Joy’s Collage

I wish all animals to be happy and to have enough to eat.

Joy's Collage
Joy’s Collage
Shivani's Collage
Shivani’s Collage

I have a mysterious side, and the right side of the collage represents this. I’d like to share some of these quotations with you.

Shivani's Collage
Shivani’s Collage
Ying Ying's Collage
Ying Ying’s Collage

Love isn’t just about love between a man and a woman. Love can also be for your family, your friends, for nature and all the animals, and for the world. Personal freedom is also important. I believe each person should be an individual and not have to be the same as everyone else.

Anushe's Collage
Anushe’s Collage “This year I wanna go on an adventure!”  “Be You!”
Stephen's Collage
Stephen’s Collage
Amelia's Collage
Amelia’s Collage
Amelia’s Collage
Liza's Collage
Liza’s Collage

I think our society is too focused on outer beauty and things like make-up. I believe inner beauty is more important.

Samantha's Collage
Samantha’s Collage “Life is a Dream”

The following day’s workshop on February 19th produced twelve more engaging collages which also call out to be shared here.

Manuela's Collage
Manuela’s Collage

I wanted to show connection and emotion in this piece.

Fan's Collage
Fan’s Collage

This is home life. The family around the table are missing their ancestors and praying. In the picture, some people are sad, lonely, or happy.

Barb's Collage
Barb’s Collage

I grew up in the era of black and white photos, and I really like them. I think the world was simpler in the past.

Kevin's Collage
Kevin’s Collage

If you go to Beijing, you can see old houses like these.

Josh's Collage
Josh’s Collage

My collage is about overcoming fear. In life, we are often afraid, but we should take risks to achieve our goals. Fear is like a mask that limits our view. If we dominate fear, we can change a tiger to a kitten. It’s also important to smile and laugh. We have to laugh at life. Otherwise, life will laugh at us.

Jenny's Collage
Jenny’s Collage “Two Different World”
Derrick's Collage Animals Untamed
Derrick’s Collage  “Animals Untamed”
Jiang's Collage Girl
Jiang’s Collage  “Girl”
Joseph's College
Joseph’s College

My collage is about freedom.

Young Su's Collage Leave a Legacy of Love
Young Su’s Collage   “Leave a Legacy of Love”

Love is love!

Chuck's Collage
Chuck’s Collage

To have hope, we need three things: fire, water, and family.

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Hi Catherine,

Seeing all of these collages again is amazing. The pictures are great; they really capture the beauty of each individual piece.

Thank you for sharing this great craft with us. It is completely addicting!

Thank you for your encouraging and insightful comment, Amelia! I’m delighted that you enjoyed the pictures and now are addicted to collage!

These are so beautiful and inspiring! It would be difficult to choose a favorite. I love the themes of hope, struggle, love, freedom, and change.
Catherine, you are clearly a gifted teacher!

Thank you so very very much for the gift of your attention and encouragement. It makes me happy that you viewed the collages and found them beautiful and inspiring. I find it difficult to choose a favorite as well.

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