English Language Learners Rock the Collage Genre


I loved these collages created by eight international students in an intensive English program. In addition to photos of the artwork, I’m including descriptions that the artists wrote to explain their individual collages. (Sending a big thank you to their instructor, Barb, for assigning and collecting the written work).

Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage

Once upon a time, Professor Monster lived in the house. Although he looked like devil, he like to use magic to help people. He hoped to improve their life, so he gave some rice, bags, and clothes to them. Finally, they were very happy.

Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage
Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage
Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage
A. J.'s Collage
A. J.’s Collage

Don’t believe in money. Believe in yourself.

Misun's Collage
Misun’s Collage

This collage’s topic is Empty. Recently in Korea some intelligent young people think emptiness is an important problem. We use many objects. We have many goods, but we are empty for nature, for earth, for simple human life. Now this is Korea social trend.

Natalia's Collage
Natalia’s Collage

My collage is about lovely story. Everyone have a dream about your ideal and everyone goes to his dream.

Brian's Collage
Brian’s Collage
Ariel's Collage
Ariel’s Collage

The old man in the small picture is the monkey’s conscience. He says, “Don’t worry. She (the doll) is crazy about you. Repeat after me, I’m the Best.”

Jaden's Collage
Jaden’s Collage

Man: Hey girl! Look at me! I’m soccer superstar.

Donkey: No! Look at me! I’m the super donkey. Ha! Ha!

Penguin: You are really funny. I’m the super penguin. See me fly!

Jason's Collage
Jason’s Collage

It is free and dream. Many people are not free because of work and life. “The world is very big. I want to see anything!” This sentence is a catchword in China.

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  1. Thank you so much, Catheine. The students will be thrilled to see their (slightly) edited work so beautifully and respectfully displayed.

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