Overcoming Barriers with Collaborative Collage-Making (Session for Centennial College’s Teaching and Learning Symposium)


It was a pleasure to share a paper-strewn table with seven participants who made collages on the theme of Equity and Inclusion. As we gathered, talked, cut, and glued, the discussion centered on how to apply collage-making to a variety of learning tasks, such as presentations, vision boards, and reflective practice.

In a post-workshop conversation, one participant kindly offered to share some thoughts about her collage:

Donata Ling’s Collage
It’s your differences that make you you.
For each day that I walk into the classroom, it’s important for me that each student experiences a sense of wander like the expression of ‘Wow’ in the picture. Each student is on that journey to find wander and curiosity, which is made possible by asking questions and opening oneself to others and the world. This is what I have done through my own experiences of ‘wandering off the beaten path’ and seeing the world in its splendor and beauty. After cutting out the landscape image, I discovered a shape – the human face. It’s there that you can discover the difference in each student – in their expressions and more importantly their story (Donata Ling).

Many thanks to all who attended the session! Your insights, engagement, and creativity enriched my day!

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