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Celebrating the Seasons: Haikus by Ellen Jaffe in Response to Photographs by Catherine Raine

Taylor Massey Creek (2017)

Tree branches, blue sky

reflected in melting ice —  

winter hieroglyphics.

Wexford Woods (2017)

Fractal patterns,

webs of connection,

forest’s neurons awake.

Port Union Waterfront (2020)

Branches stretching out

over cold morning waves

sunlight glints on stones.

Lord Roberts Woods (2017)

Bluebells in spring,

spring into life,

forest wakes in mute beauty.

Taylor Creek Trail (2020)

Reeds stand sentinel,

green and straight against a wavy background —

one moment in a changing world.

Taylor Creek Trail (2020)

Cormorant on a stump,

its shadowy image

echoed in still water —

listening, watching, waiting for a sign.

Banks of Highland Creek (2020)

Wildflowers nestling

by a fallen fence — sweet colour

on this spring morning.

Morning Glory, 2020

Tilting its delicate head

the morning glory listens

to the world’s song . . . and silence.

Tree Shelter in North York (2020)

Tree-shapes sheltering

this quiet forest clearing —

a splash of sunlight.

Wilket Creek, 2018

Sparkling light in the darkness

shower of stars


down to earth.

Fall in Ottawa (2018)

Dewdrops on a leaf,

red, yellow, dark purple

expanded moments, radiant.

Montréal‘s Mount Royal (2019)

Profusion of golden leaves

reflections in the stream —

The world is a narrow bridge

we need to cross.

(Note: italicized words from Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav)

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