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Fire-Polished Driftwood at East Point Park, 2019
Teasels of East Point Park, 2019
Plant Shadow in Forest by Guild Park, 2019
Intense Wave at Bluffer’s Beach, 2019
Nearly-Engulfed Picnic Table at Bluffer’s Beach, 2019
Guild Beach Sunrise, 2019
Heart Leaves Beside Crockford Boulevard, 2019
Highland Creekbed, 2020
East Don River at Play, 2020
Organic Ice Designs Beside Betty Sunderland Trail, 2020
Sinking Tire and Branch Reflections of Eglinton Ravine, 2020
Eglinton Avenue East in Sunrise Colours, 2020
Grasses Beside the Parking Lot of Centennial College’s Ashtonbee Campus, 2020
Muted Tree Reflections on West Highland Creek, 2020
The Light in the Culvert, Taylor Massey Creek, 2020
Earth Day at Taylor Creek Park, 2020
Cormorant Watches and Listens at Taylor Creek Park, 2020
Elegant Wetlands of Taylor Massey Park, 2020
Dignified Reeds at Taylor Massey Park, 2020
Morning Walk for Lockdown Blues, Port Union Beach, 2020
Blurred Stone Corona, Port Union Beach, 2020
Wavy Reflections at Thomson Memorial Park, 2020
Regal Visitor at Highland Creek Park, 2020
Rest in Calm at Highland Creek Park, 2020
Daisy in Front Yard, Southwest Scarborough, 2020
Morning Glory on Sunrise Avenue, 2020
Weed Shadow Decorates Southwest Scarborough Home, 2020
Molten Light at Silent Lake Provincial Park, 2020
Day Breaks at Bluffer’s Park, 2020
Invitation to Wade at Bluffer’s Park, 2020
Hold Fast to What Illuminates at Farlinger Ravine, 2020
Sparkle Bath at Farlinger Ravine, 2020
Frozen Vista at Guild Beach, 2020
Dynamic Guild Beach, 2020
Movement Patterns of Water (Silvertone Filter) Guild Beach, 2021
May Your Day Sparkle at Guild Beach, 2021
Golden Ice Torch at Guild Beach, 2021
Ice Chandelier at Guild Beach, 2021
Partly Frozen Turquoise Lake at Guild Beach, 2021
Natural Ice Etchings at East Point Park, 2021
Water Swirls Among Ice Shapes at East Point Park, 2021
Eye of Shark’s Prow at East Point Park, 2021
Cracked Puddle in the Hydro Corridor by the Gatineau Trail, 2021
Playful Leaf in a Hydro Corridor Puddle by the Gatineau Trail, 2021
Illuminated Leaf, Southwest Scarborough Front Garden, 2021
Apartment Buildings Bathing at Taylor Creek Park, 2021
Water Portrait at Taylor Creek Park, 2021
Gracious Spring Presences at Taylor Creek Park, 2021
Lyrical Roots at Taylor Creek Park, 2021
Gull Poised on a Rock, East Point Park, 2021

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  1. Those images are so breathtaking. Thank you for sharing Catherine

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