General Photography

Found Shadows and Reflections

Scarborough Sidewalk, 2016
Lee Lifeson Art Park, Toronto, 2016

Outside Kennedy Station, 2017

Holland Nature Reserve, 2017

Liberty, Missouri, 2017

The Afghan Blanket and the Gift Bag, 2017

Outside Scribbler’s Coffee Shop (Kent, Ohio), 2018

Construction Shoring near Kennedy Station, 2018

Sidewalk by Woodneath Library, Kansas City, 2018

Traffic Island Park, Toronto 2018

Rouge Park, 2018

Rouge Park, 2018

Aga Khan Museum, 2018

Rain on the Parking Lot Outside Adonis Supermarket, Scarborough, 2018
Winter Light Display, Liberty Missouri, 2019
Tractor in Cinema Parking Lot, 2019
Wall Theater, 2019
Puddle on Eglinton Avenue, 2019
Sunrise Shadow Etching on a Fence Post at South Marine Park, 2019
Evening Walk in Scarborough, 2019
Kirkwood Amtrack Station, 2020
Stool in the Upstairs Studio, 2020
Port Union Waterfront Park, 2020
Shadow of a Plant on the Inside of a Garden Waste Bag, 2020
Construction Banner Creates Screen for Shadows, 2020
Weed Art, 2020
Reflection through Opaque Window, 2020
Morningside Park, 2021
Morningside Park, 2021
Rotary Park, Liberty Missouri, 2021
Creek beside Humber River (Near Old Mill Station), 2021
Creek beside Humber River (Near Old Mill Station), 2021
South Marine Park, 2021
Guild Park and Gardens, 2021
Discarded Mirrored Cabinets (Scarborough), 2022
Mill Street Tree Shadow (Liberty, Missouri), 2022
Quiet Presences, Scarborough Sidewalk (2022)
Union Station Hotel, Saint Louis (2022)

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