Thrift Store Purchase Inspires Collage Collaboration

Painted canvas purchased at Value Village, December 2021

Last December I bought a painted wooden canvas that an anonymous person had donated to Value Village. After studying it, I decided to follow some of the patterns of the paint swirls, adding tissue paper, thread, dots of acrylic paint, and handmade papers to the canvas.

Colourfish Swimming, 2022

The dark purple shape in the top left quadrant of the substrate suggested the eye of an aquatic creature swimming among waving pink fronds and flowery fragments.

Detail from Colourfish Swimming, 2022

To the artist who gave their inspiring canvas to Value Village, thank you for applying lines of paint that flow in violet, lavender, pink, green, and apricot. Without you, the Colourfish would still be searching for the body of water most suited to its temperament and creative needs.

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