Students in a College Communication Course Describe Their Collages

In the bottom left corner you can see a butterfly. This butterfly is flying peacefully by the lake, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and warm weather. The butterfly has very bright colours that can be seen from a distance. The butterfly represents beauty and peace. In the centre of the collage stands a very scary owl […]

Examples of Students’ Responses to Their Collages in ESL and Communication Classes

In the right corner, you can see a shark. He seems to represent fear. In the top left corner, this is a cute dog. It’s something kind, something good, something positive. You can also see the butterfly. And there’s a man who try to reach the stars. This collage is about my thoughts about my […]

Organic Ice Sculpture Attached to a Branch Discovered in a Creek at Martha LaFite Thompson Nature Sanctuary

Turning the ice sculpture to find new angles revealed an astonishing variety of shapes and images: a skull, a bird’s beak, a face composed of vegetables like a 16th-century Arcimboldo painting, a baby elephant, a complicated internal organ, a collection of single-celled organisms, and an antelope. What else may be seen in this versatile and […]

Collages on the Theme of Resilience

The artwork pictured here represents a sample taken from roughly ninety collages that students in three sections of a class called A Wellness Approach to Stress Management produced on the theme of resilience. Many thanks to Donata Ling for inviting me and my giant suitcase of materials to her classes for several lively and rewarding […]