Scarborough Milk Door, a Photo-poem

When soldiers returned to father the Boomers, this house had a miniature door for bottles to enter full and leave empty, waiting to turn opaque with cream again. After the rise of supermarkets, the portal changed to a window, six milky panes slap-spackled in the brick, intimate economies traded for plastic jugs, sloshing bags, and […]

Heart Mosaic in the Garden

A mosaic of stones, coins, and jewellery had been growing in our front garden box since May, but it wasn’t until late August that the idea for a heart border took root. Heart-shattered by the hatred in Charlottesville that led to death of Heather Heyer on August 12th, gathering these shards and bits of ephemera into […]

Peace Flow and Peace Divine Booty: Two Collaborative Collages

Peace Flow emerged in August of 2016 as part of a Journey Dance dedicated to peace led by Shielagh McGlynn. Sheilagh, Cate Laurier, and I started the piece at The Inner Arts Collective, and then I took it home to fill in some spaces and add finishing touches. A year after Peace Flow was completed, […]