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Overcoming Barriers with Collaborative Collage-Making (Session for Centennial College’s Teaching and Learning Symposium)


It was a pleasure to share a paper-strewn table with seven participants who made collages on the theme of Equity and Inclusion. As we gathered, talked, cut, and glued, the discussion centered on how to apply collage-making to a variety of learning tasks, such as presentations, vision boards, and reflective practice.

In a post-workshop conversation, one participant kindly offered to share some thoughts about her collage:

Donata Ling’s Collage
It’s your differences that make you you.
For each day that I walk into the classroom, it’s important for me that each student experiences a sense of wander like the expression of ‘Wow’ in the picture. Each student is on that journey to find wander and curiosity, which is made possible by asking questions and opening oneself to others and the world. This is what I have done through my own experiences of ‘wandering off the beaten path’ and seeing the world in its splendor and beauty. After cutting out the landscape image, I discovered a shape – the human face. It’s there that you can discover the difference in each student – in their expressions and more importantly their story (Donata Ling).

Many thanks to all who attended the session! Your insights, engagement, and creativity enriched my day!

Student Collages on the Theme of Personality Traits

The artist’s words about her collage: “It is about the difference between public mask and private reality. After the performance is over and the make-up is removed, what do you see in the mirror?  Who are you after the glory? Maybe you are lonely.”

Collaborative collage, Catherine Raine and a student who left a partially-finished piece behind.
Detail from “Be Open and Not Withdrawn”

Peace Flow and Peace Divine Booty: Two Collaborative Collages

Peace Flow, by Sheilah McGlynn, Cate Laurier, and Catherine Raine 2016
Peace Flow, by Sheilagh McGlynn, Cate Laurier, and Catherine Raine 2016

Peace Flow emerged in August of 2016 as part of a Journey Dance dedicated to peace led by Shielagh McGlynn.

Peace Flow, by Sheilagh McGlynn, Cate Laurier, and Catherine Raine 2016

Sheilagh, Cate Laurier, and I started the piece at The Inner Arts Collective, and then I took it home to fill in some spaces and add finishing touches.

Peace Flow, by Sheilah McGlynn, Cate Laurier, and Catherine Raine 2016
Peace Flow, by Sheilagh McGlynn, Cate Laurier, and Catherine Raine 2016
Peace Flow, by Sheilagh McGlynn, Cate Laurier, and Catherine Raine 2016
Peace Flow, by Sheilagh McGlynn, Cate Laurier, and Catherine Raine 2016

A year after Peace Flow was completed, Sheilagh felt called to offer another Journey Dance for Peace, and I joined her at Pegasus Studio for a reprise of the beautiful music.

Peace Divine Booty, Sheilagh McGlynn and Catherine Raine, 2017

A collage session followed the dance, which gave us a chance to catch up as we tore and cut selected images. We had an especially good laugh over using alphabet stickers to spell “Booty” in honour of what Macy Gray had encouraged us to shake in her song “Beauty in the World.” (The vowels e, a, u in the alphabet pack had been used at my last collage workshop, so two o’s were pressed into service to spell booty/beauty).

Peace Divine Booty, Sheilagh McGlynn and Catherine Raine, 2017

As time was limited at the studio, the piece went home with me for some additional work. In the process, a peace bird, a river, a dream fish, and a feathered dancing figure appeared on the circle of green paper.

Peace Divine Booty, Sheilagh McGlynn and Catherine Raine 2017
Peace Divine Booty, Sheilagh McGylnn and Catherine Raine 2017
Peace Divine Booty, Sheilagh McGylnn and Catherine Raine 2017
Peace Divine Booty, Sheilagh McGylnn and Catherine Raine 2017

Peace. Divine. Booty. All one for a harmonious planet!

Exploring Centennial College’s Vision Statement with Collage-Making

On February 28th, I facilitated a collage workshop for Centennial College’s 2017 Teaching and Learning Symposium. In this one-hour session, I invited faculty to experience collage-making from the perspective of post-secondary students in the classroom.

Working individually and in small groups, nine participants gathered and arranged images to illustrate Centennial College’s vision statement: “transforming lives and communities through learning.” The resulting visions-of-the-vision-statement beautifully express what transformative learning means to our community of educators.

Alyssa’s Collage
Barb’s Collage
Shannon’s Collage
Asaad’s Collage
Asaad’s Collage
Natalie’s Collage
Natalie’s Collage
Bushra’s Collage
Mandy and Srishti’s Collage
Mandy and Srishti’s Collage

English Language Learners Recycle Trash into Artful Collages!

ELL Gallery, 2016
ELL Gallery, 2016

Recently I offered a collage session to enrich an ESL textbook’s chapter about trash and recycling. I loved how the eleven international students in the class called on their creativity to transform magazines, leaflets, cards, calendars, old books, music scores, and stickers into individual works of art.

Fred's Collage, 2016
Fred’s Collage, 2016
Jake's Collage, 2016
Jake’s Collage, 2016
Young's Collage, 2016
Young’s Collage, 2016
Arturo's Collage, 2016
Arturo’s Collage, 2016
Jean's Collage, 2016
Jean’s Collage, 2016
Jose's Collage, 2016
Jose’s Collage, 2016
James' Collage, 2016
James’ Collage, 2016
Wilson's Collage, 2016
Wilson’s Collage, 2016
Winnie's Collage, 2016
Winnie’s Collage, 2016
Johnnie's Collage, 2016
Johnnie’s Collage, 2016
Allen's Collage, 2016
Allen’s Collage, 2016

YEARBOOK Collage Workshop at Bluffs Gallery!

In collaboration with Scarborough Arts’ Yearbook Exhibit and Myseum’s Intersections Festival, an opportunity to facilitate a collage workshop arose this March.

Soar by Sarah
Soar by Sarah, 2016
The workshop took place on March 19th in a sunny room in the Bluffs Gallery. On the walls, Reese de Guzman’s striking photo-collages inspired us with images from Scarborough high school yearbooks that dated from the 1920’s to the present.
Nadia's Collage
Nadia’s Collage, 2016

Resonating with Reese’s work for the Myseum exhibit, the objective of the YEARBOOK collage workshop was to support the creation of personal collages that explored related themes, such as memory, history, identity, and loss.

Oh Rats! by Alexandra
Oh Rats! by Alexandra, 2016

All art materials were provided, but participants were also invited to bring personal photos or copies of them. Almost all of the eight attendees came prepared with an engaging assortment of photos, beautiful stationery, fabric, buttons, and even driftwood and a glue gun!

Karen's Collage for a Friend
Karen’s Collage for a Friend, 2016

I loved the communal hum of work and conversation that continued throughout the two-hour event. Together we hunted for just the right images when somebody would call out that they needed a picture of a dog or bright colours for balloons.

Anne's Collage
Anne’s Collage 1, 2016

By the end of the afternoon, it was uplifting to see the gorgeous variety of collages that surfaced.

Anne's Collage
Anne’s Collage 2, 2016

Thank you Scarborough Arts and Myseum for creating the conceptual and literal space for the YEARBOOK Collage Workshop! Making art with the support of these two organizations felt both meaningful and fun.

Twentieth-Century Memory, Catherine Raine 2016
Twentieth-Century Memory, Catherine Raine 2016

English Language Learners Rock the Collage Genre


I loved these collages created by eight international students in an intensive English program. In addition to photos of the artwork, I’m including descriptions that the artists wrote to explain their individual collages. (Sending a big thank you to their instructor, Barb, for assigning and collecting the written work).

Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage

Once upon a time, Professor Monster lived in the house. Although he looked like devil, he like to use magic to help people. He hoped to improve their life, so he gave some rice, bags, and clothes to them. Finally, they were very happy.

Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage
Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage
Rita's Collage
Rita’s Collage
A. J.'s Collage
A. J.’s Collage

Don’t believe in money. Believe in yourself.

Misun's Collage
Misun’s Collage

This collage’s topic is Empty. Recently in Korea some intelligent young people think emptiness is an important problem. We use many objects. We have many goods, but we are empty for nature, for earth, for simple human life. Now this is Korea social trend.

Natalia's Collage
Natalia’s Collage

My collage is about lovely story. Everyone have a dream about your ideal and everyone goes to his dream.

Brian's Collage
Brian’s Collage
Ariel's Collage
Ariel’s Collage

The old man in the small picture is the monkey’s conscience. He says, “Don’t worry. She (the doll) is crazy about you. Repeat after me, I’m the Best.”

Jaden's Collage
Jaden’s Collage

Man: Hey girl! Look at me! I’m soccer superstar.

Donkey: No! Look at me! I’m the super donkey. Ha! Ha!

Penguin: You are really funny. I’m the super penguin. See me fly!

Jason's Collage
Jason’s Collage

It is free and dream. Many people are not free because of work and life. “The world is very big. I want to see anything!” This sentence is a catchword in China.

Picture Your Success!

Facilitating several collage workshops on the theme of “Picture Your Success” was a rewarding experience, especially when I saw how much the resulting artwork meant to the participants. I love the colours, stories, and messages contained in the collages featured below. They help me picture peace, fun, success, hope, freedom, love, and inspiration!

Fatima's Collage
Fatima’s Collage
Jennifer's Collage
Jennifer’s Collage
Mohammed's Collage
Mohammed’s Collage
Beth's Collage
Beth’s Collage
Manleen's Collage
Manleen’s Collage
Rebecca's Collage
Rebecca’s Collage
Shruti's Collage
Shruti’s Collage