English Language Learners Rock the Collage Genre

I loved these collages created by eight international students in an intensive English program. In addition to photos of the artwork, I’m including descriptions that the artists wrote to explain their individual collages. (Sending a big thank you to their instructor, Barb, for assigning and collecting the written work). Once upon a time, Professor Monster […]

Picture Your Success!

Facilitating several collage workshops on the theme of “Picture Your Success” was a rewarding experience, especially when I saw how much the resulting artwork meant to the participants. I love the colours, stories, and messages contained in the collages featured below. They help me picture peace, fun, success, hope, freedom, love, and inspiration!

Study Skills Students’ Inspiring Collages

In a recent workshop, fourteen students in an intensive academic English program created art from images that inspired them. I love the range of interests represented in the collages below, which include art, fashion, dance, religion, family, flowers, wild animals, waterfalls, sports, and space. Inspiring work, EAP 2 Study Skills!

English Language Learners Make Collages to Enhance Lesson on Recycling

Supporting the theme of environmental awareness, I recently facilitated two collage workshops for international students at a local college. Using recycled paper and images to great effect, the  participants created a total of twenty-seven strikingly individual collages that delighted their teachers, their classmates, and me. Please enjoy this on-line tribute to recycling and creativity!

Workshop Collages Bring the Magic!

Today I had the privilege of facilitating two collage workshops on the suggested theme of relaxation. After I got home this evening, I rushed to process pictures of the students’ collages because I was so eager to share their beauty, poetry, and magic! The earth is at the bottom of the collage. I come from […]

ESL Students’ Collages and Their Wisdom

When my students make presentations about their artwork, I love the natural wisdom which emerges. I hope you find their collages as inspiring as I do! This is my collage. We can see we have two mouse in here. On the right, we have one, oh, just so terrible. He just in the cleft and […]

Valentine’s Day Cards by ESL Students

Last week I facilitated a Valentine’s Day art workshop at the college where I teach ESL, and the students’ work delighted me with its playful quirkiness. The natural creativity that surfaces when people sit around a table covered with pictures, glitter glue, thread, markers, stickers, scissors, and ribbon is a joy to behold! The day […]

ESL Students Make Collages and Discuss Their Meaning

“In the middle of the picture, you can see a girl. She is very beautiful like the flowers. She has a boyfriend. He is very poor. In the top left corner, you can see him. They love each other. One day, there is man who looks like a frog. He’s in love with the girl, […]

Mosaic Dream Waves Exhibit and Collage Workshop at Runnymede Library

Mosaic Dream Waves appears two years after my first public art exhibit, Maps of Loss: Rivers, Ruins, and Grief. On display until July 31 at Runnymede Library, Mosaic Dream Waves has a lighter approach than my previous display. Turning from melancholy to playfulness, the artwork pictured here invites you to visit an inner landscape where […]