General Toronto Public Library Pilgrimage of 100 Branches

Remaining Toronto Public Library Branches to Photograph!

My library blog project started in 2007, and over the past seven years it has taught me many new skills. One of the most important ones has been digital photography. When I look at some of my earliest posts, their lack of pictures or not-so-great pictures show me how far I have come.

To fully do justice to all 99 libraries, I would like to photograph three branches that have been undergoing renovations (Mount Dennis, Bridlewood, and the Toronto Reference Library) and twenty-two others that need better pictures. These branches include Rexdale, Woodview Park, Victoria Village, Oakwood Village, Swansea Memorial, Humberwood, Black Creek, Weston, Bloor/Gladstone, Northern Elms, Amesbury Park, Gerrard/Ashdale, Albion, Humber Summit, Davenport, Jane/Dundas, Perth/Dupont, Brentwood, Thorncliffe, Locke, Pape/Danforth, and Albert Campbell. Finally, I need to visit the newest TPL branch, Fort York Library.

It will be satisfying to wrap up this project despite how much I will miss it!

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