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Magic Door in Kew Gardens, Toronto!

As I was walking through Kew Gardens, the sight of this wee door at the base of a tree astonished me!

IMG_7056Who made the door? And why?

IMG_7068IMG_7062IMG_7064IMG_7045Who arranged the offering of twigs and leaves?

IMG_7039IMG_7084To thank the tree, I placed two quarters on the spontaneous shrine, still marveling at the fairy-tale door.

IMG_0688 By the time I saw the chamber again more than a year later, the story of its magic had evolved. Astroturf now covered the dirt floor and a new vision of the world outside the door had been created.IMG_0695With a sturdy vehicle, a stone wall, a compass, a sign, and a campfire, this self-sufficient village can confidently weather the challenges of a busy Toronto park.

(Note: a few months ago, I read a newspaper article that solved the mystery! The door serves as a literary backdrop for Henley the Hedgehog, the star of three children’s books by Sharon Douris.)

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