Gesture Studies with Windsock Model

img_6446 img_6447

Near the beginning of an extended walk last weekend, I became transfixed by a tall flapping windsock outside a bakery. I ended up taking over seventy pictures of the wind-animated figure, and each one had a different pose! It was like receiving a free art class on the topic of gesture studies!img_6448 img_6451 img_6452

It’s astonishing how expressive fabric can be when it composes a long tube for the body, two hollow arms, and a head with strips of black cloth for hair. The different angles of the head and arms as well as various bends in the body’s “spine” gave strong impressions of joy, fatigue, despair, sass, embarrassment, playfulness, surrender, overwhelm, triumph, and humor.img_6454 img_6456 img_6457

I managed to cut the number of pictures down to 42, but I still need to ask viewers’ indulgence for the quantity of images posted here.img_6458 img_6459 img_6465 img_6466 img_6467img_6468 img_6471 img_6472 img_6473 img_6474 img_6475 img_6479img_6480img_6481img_6482img_6483img_6484img_6485img_6486img_6487img_6488img_6490img_6491img_6492img_6493img_6495img_6497img_6500img_6504img_6505img_6508img_6512img_6515img_6517

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