Creek to River Adventure in Toronto

When I descended the steps at the beginning of a three-hour trek from Taylor Massey Park to the Don River Valley, a multitude of surprises awaited me. Along the trail, I discovered green palaces reflected in the creek, a memorial bench wreathed in spontaneous wildflowers, animal sculptures carved from a fallen tree, and the sight […]

Haliburton Wolf Sanctuary

A visit to Haliburton Wolf Sanctuary was one of the highlights of a recent family vacation to central Ontario.  We were fortunate to see so many wolves from the observatory last Wednesday because the pack could have decided to hang out elsewhere within their 15-acre enclosure. The following photos were taken on a return visit […]

The Broken Tree of Deer Lick Creek

A trip to Brookbanks Park led me to bifurcating trails, the sight of a hare bounding across an iron footbridge, and the waters of Deer Lick Creek.On the banks of the creek, a giant tree had fallen and snapped in two. The distance between its severed stump and trunk was not great, but the expanse […]

Up All Night in Berlin: April 1990

When the Berlin Wall fell in November of 1989, I had recently arrived at the University of Durham for a junior-year-abroad experience. In April 1990, I flew from England to West Germany to visit my friend Bart, a fellow sociology major from a small college in Missouri. After a few days touring Heidelberg, we took […]

Laundry Meditation

On a washing day, I place the white basket on the patio table, move the line into position, and grab some single socks. As I administer the stability of clothespins, I relish the sun on my face and the breeze that moves the tall thistles and Queen Anne’s lace. My hands attach the socks, shirts, […]

Magic Door in Kew Gardens, Toronto!

As I was walking through Kew Gardens, the sight of this wee door at the base of a tree astonished me! Who made the door? And why? Who arranged the offering of twigs and leaves? To thank the tree, I placed two quarters on the spontaneous shrine, still marveling at the fairy-tale door. By the […]

Think About the Pink Sink

A pink sink appeared on a neighbour’s lawn, and I took a picture of it. Two weeks later, some changes in the rejected basin’s appearance had occurred, and its new look inspired a short reflection. Pink Sink Reflection The weight of the pink basin is no match for the power of grass. It only takes […]

The Name in the River: Photo-poem by Catherine

She kneels before the river, the ankles of her snow boots resting on the bench-edge. Beside her, The Lightning Thief, three mysteries, Brave, and a packet of cheese crackers make a small tower. Ignoring the crackers, she watches the deer who sniffs the air for danger before dipping its head in the river. She wants […]

Trash Bunny’s Worst Christmas

Lost animal of Christmas past, with faded felt belly frozen in grief to the sidewalk. Floppy ears conceal eyes too ashamed to face the ashen depth of the fall.   Deprived of a sheltering black bag, she lies exposed, less than garbage. Discarded cords, old homework, and a Disney Store bag from 2007 press against […]

The Algo Mall Ruin at Elliot Lake: Reflections of a Concerned Visitor

Ever since a friend introduced us to the northern beauty of Elliot Lake and its surrounding forests two years ago, my husband and I have taken several trips there. After our first visit, I even wrote a blog post about Elliot Lake’s library situated in the Algo Centre Mall. On June 23, 2012, part of […]

Beauty Never Dies at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix Arizona (Journal Entry for May 3, 2012)

As I write on a slightly rickety table beside the snack cart, I’m enjoying the shade and moving shadows of a tall tree. The same waving branches that are making patterns on these pages recently hosted a rock pigeon, but it has flown away. I’m taking a rest after almost two hours of desert trail-walking. […]

Generous Reception and Bio-Wall at Centennial College Library and Academic Building

I arrived near the end of a 2011 reception in honour of Centennial College’s New Library and Academic Building (Progress Campus), but a couple of punch bowls were still flowing in orange and red. Soon, the catering staff started encouraging everybody in the Commons to finish off the food. One extrovert caterer hollered, “Come on […]

“Jesus Has Left the Building”

  I was taking a walk down an alley near Dovercourt and Bloor when this ruined church happened upon me. Both imposing and sad, the ruin really affected me and I vowed to return and photograph it. Last Friday, I revisited the site and first took some pictures of the back of the building. These […]