5 thoughts on “Garden Bed”

  1. I used to do colage with photos, now i do them with preesed flowers. leaves ,feathers , “nature’s tapestry”. You have reminded me of how much I love cut and paste. I was a paid pasteup artist in Advertising for 25 years before computers.

    I will go back to those original roots after seeing your work. Thank You. Birgie Ludlow

  2. Hi Catherine —
    it’s lovely to see all these collages together. You have a real gift.

    I’m replying on this page because I saw the note by Jennifer Hicks — whom I know from Living through the Arts and the Baycrest project. She does NIA dance/movement.


  3. I’m so blessed and encouraged by your response to the collages. And it’s so great to share acquaintance with the wonderful Jennifer Hicks. I met her through Dance Our Way Home about 5 years ago and have attended a number of her fun NIA classes. She also came to one of my collage workshops at Follow Your Bliss. Definitely a kindred spirit. (Jenn has also done retreats at Grail Springs, the Bancroft spa I was telling you about. So many great connections!).

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