General Toronto Public Library Pilgrimage of 100 Branches

Northern District Library (Pre-Renovation)

For a description of what Northern District Library was like in 2009, 2012, and 2015, please see the post linked below.

The Evolution of Northern District Library (1975)

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Did you know there is actually underground parking for this branch? Well hidden. And not much.

And it’s the only place where I’ve been told, as an adult, to take my feet off the furniture! This was some years ago. And I later observed I clearly was not the only miscreant as signs popped up on all the low tables advising patrons not to rest feet on them.

Thank you for writing this wonderful blog. Northern District is enjoyed daily by members of my community and you captured this library branch very well. Your support for Toronto’s public library system is inspiring.



You’re welcome, Councillor Matlow! I really appreciate your comment and support of the blog.

I’m so happy that you read my musings! I really appreciate your comment, Jenn!

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