Crime at Main Street Library

I was sitting in my armchair putting stickers on a parcel when my husband read me the on-line news about the cross-bow attack at Main Street Library. I felt shocked and angry that anybody would bring violence into a library, which is a sacred place of learning and peace. The last time I was at Main Street branch, I took a picture of a lobby lined with strollers. How could a person commit a heinous crime in front of the innocent eyes of children and their families? How will they ever feel safe in the library again now that it has been desecrated in this monstrous way? My thoughts and prayers are with the victim, his family, and the witnesses to this horror.

Additional note: After reading more about this case, I understand that the victim’s family is one and the same as the killer’s family. Could there be a more dramatic example of the damage caused by domestic abuse? In my view, it makes the crime more comprehensible though not justifiable. I’m still saddened and sickened by the traumatic scene witnessed in the library, but would like to send out a prayer to all victims of family violence.

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  1. Very well said, Catherine. Whether this was a random act of violence or an intended attack on a specific person, it is horrendous to bring violence into the library — and may reflect the violence affecting all society, like an oil-spill. There was also an knifing attack on a person in a Hamilton library, about a year ago — another desecration. I too pray for everyone touched by this incident. ESJ.

  2. Thank you for your reflections, Ellen. It’s always disturbing to read of such attacks, especially in place that’s usually associated with happiness and self-improvement.

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