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“Theater of the Bosom” Textile Art

I started “Theater of the Bosom” on the train from Montreal to Quebec City about a month ago. While I was lounging in my seat, I stitched the fingers of a fuzzy glove between the buttons of the apricot shirt. I also sewed together a couple of swatches of floral and camouflage fabric.

“Theater of the Bosom” by Catherine Raine, 2011

When I returned home to Toronto, I covered a small canvas with the fabric patchwork (plus glove-n-shirt) and added more fabric. Then I took an old sports bra and dressed the canvas with it.

“Theater of the Bosom,” Catherine Raine, 2011

I thought the bra-stuffing turned out nicely, so I may as well reveal the secret to a perfect fabric silhouette: shoulder pads, pantyhose, and bits of a shirt.

For theatrical embellishments, I draped a scrap of the camouflage material (originally a bandana that my friend Noreia bought at the dollar store) and added another glove, a ribbon, more fabric scraps, and some felt.

I used stencils and fabric paint to write on the bra. Later, I dabbed small blobs of purple encaustic wax over the dried paint.

“Theater of the Bosom” by Catherine Raine, 2011

I hope that “Theater of the Bosom” will serve as a playful reminder to respect the beauty of the female form, no matter what shape, age, or dramatic dimension!

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Thank you Catherine, i remember when i was a bit younger i loved doing arts with fabric, very cute and creative indeed.

Ahhh, I found it. Now, I want to touch it. It looks so tactile with the fuzzy gloves. Great name, aren’t boobs always on stage, front and center. perked up, on display. It is an art from with audiences through the centuries admiring. I love the theater of it. Thanks for sharing it.

Thank you for sharing Theater of the Bosom with me. Here’s to the beauty of the feminine in all our forms. I love the way you work, Catherine. Your playful spirit is precious.

Hi Catherine,
this is an intriguing piece — very tactile, I’d love to see and touch it “for real.”
I like the concerpt — being both playful and respectful of the female form in all its sensual and creative aspects.

I always love your thoughtful comments. I’ll have to bring the piece to one of our meetings so you can meet the Theater in person.

Hooray for the beauty of the feminine, as you said! And thank you for encouraging playfulness!

You are most welcome! Thank you for viewing and responding! Fabric arts are very fun.

its full of life, blossoming juicy..packed with life, i can feel it without touching it, burstng with colour, and lovely touch. lovely sharings. xoxoxox Noreia

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