Heart Mosaic in the Garden

A mosaic of stones, coins, and jewellery had been growing in our front garden box since May, but it wasn’t until late August that the idea for a heart border took root.¬†Heart-shattered by the hatred in Charlottesville that led to death of Heather Heyer on August 12th, gathering these shards and bits of ephemera into […]

The Tapir’s Night Journey Downstream (Collage and Poem)

Response to the Tapir’s Night Journey Downstream Transitions define my body. Look how the current splashes my legs turquoise, the moon silks my chest, and wild solitude cools my nimbus to blue, white, and lavender. Behold the purple eye that guides my canoe down the Amazon, riding the night rapids in a dream of passages, […]

Shipwrecks and Voyages: A Collage Journey by Catherine

In this collage series inspired by sea and river voyages, shipwrecks tilt on the ice, abstract shapes go swimming, and an arctic hare chews on a twig. Meanwhile, a famous Norwegian explorer inhabits a turnip-shaped kayak, and a tapir chooses a canoe for his journey downstream. (This collage has a poem to accompany it!)

Two Collages for Dad by Catherine

From the depths of keepsake piles in my mother’s house emerged a Father’s Day card and a birthday gift that I made in the 1970’s. The inside of the Father’s Day card contained a car and some of my thoughts. The Father’s Day message became the centerpiece for a recent collage in his honor. The […]

Living the Moment for David Oliver (1942-2015)

Even though I never met David Oliver in person, his larger-than-life presence on Facebook made a deep impression on me. Through a hometown connection to his son Brad, I learned about David’s efforts to create a compassionate model of end-of-life care. I also discovered how much Brad and David loved Rush after a double-strength dose […]

Collage Class Freshens Perspective and Technique

As a mostly self-taught collage artist,¬† I had never studied the medium formally until I took an eight-week course this fall. I am so grateful I decided to attend Donnely Smallwood’s class at the Toronto School of Art, for it helped me look at collage through fresh eyes and taught me new techniques.