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Collage Bookmarks: Green Collection

Lately I’ve been enjoying a relaxation technique called Make a Lot of Bookmarks and Give Them Away! I hope you enjoy the green bookmark collection.

More bookmark images will follow this post in yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, and blue!

3 replies on “Collage Bookmarks: Green Collection”

I know know how I will frame and decorate our guest bath. It is teeny tiny and it is newly green created from existing junk….it looks pretty cool and it is now officially Cam’s bathroom. No girlie stuff in there anymore! I bet the green collages that I have would be so neat in there. The theme is green leaves of all kinds. Bringing the outdoors in….You are a constant generation. I am so lucky to have you as a cousin! love, D

PS….currently doing photos of leaves and there is a huge gingko across the street..your Mom introduced me to those ancient majestic trees!

I love your comments, Denise. I didn’t know that Mom introduced you to the ginko. (What a great name!). I’d be glad to send you some green bookmarks if you’d like. I haven’t forgotten about sending the red and orange birds print either. love, C.

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