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Purple Gratitude Sheet at Dancemakers

It was my turn to DJ our six-woman dance circle last month. When I arrived at the Dancemakers studio, I put a king-size purple sheet on the floor near the windows. The sheet became our canvas for the session’s theme: Dancing in Quiet Gratitude.

In my music set, I included a number of songs that held the light: “Thread the light” (Glen Hansard’s “This Low”), “There will be a light” (Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama), “There’s still a light that shines on me” (“Let it Be”), and Brian McMillan’s encouraging lyrics in “Let the Darkness Go.”

I invited my fellow dancers to decorate the purple sheet in response to the theme of gratitude. Wielding small bottles of neon fabric paint, the four of us filled the sheet with words and images of what makes us feel thankful: rivers, voice, movement, bosoms, silliness, mistakes, great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, safe girls, spirit, breath, the forest, laughter, rocks, fierce winds, night, moon, kindness, creativity sheets, raindrops, flowers, hope, fire, goldfinches, fierce goddess, play, community, beauty, thunder, food, wild grasses, health, smiles, art, ocean, a tomato, You, a foot, refreshing tears, music, and lightning.

Over the course of the two-hour music set, the purple sheet’s function evolved. At the beginning, it operated like a picnic blanket on which to gather and discuss the theme of the session. When the music began, the sheet was a connecting fabric; all of us were lying on the floor with some part of us touching the sheet, whether it was only a head or an entire body curled up on it.

As the dance progressed, we crouched at the edges of the purple canvas each time we felt inspired to write or draw. Then we advanced to fill the centre as we moved more deeply into the set. Towards the end of our time in the studio, I started squirting fabric paint at random, and soon we were all squeezing the bottles and giggling as blobs of paint rained down on the sheet without restraint.

While we were collaborating on our modern art experiment, Brett Dennen was singing “Blessed is this life, and I’m going to celebrate being alive,” and we honored the spirit of his lyrics with our ecstatic paint-dance.

When the music ended, we formed closing circle with the painted sheet in the middle, and each of us named the images that caught our fancy (it was the tomato for me!). Then we ceremoniously folded up the sheet with the fabric paint still wet.

After I got home that night, I had to peel the sheet apart! There were plenty of smears and blobs, but most of the words and pictures remained clear. I hope you enjoy looking at the Purple Gratitude Sheet as much as we enjoyed making it!

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I still LOVE the purple gratitude sheet!

I was mesmerized as we created at how very proper we were in getting down the words and images. Solemn. Ritualistic. And then you busted open the fun, Catherine, with a grand pppppppppppt of splattered paint. Then it was game on. And it was enormous fun to just make a mess and to see the beauty in the midst of the mess. I thank you again for such a wonderful set. You’re a tough act to follow, my friend! 🙂

Hooray! I’m so glad you love the even-more smudged version of the purple gratitude sheet. I’m sorry I’ll miss your set next week, but look forward to hearing how awesome it was!

How wonderful to have a record of the gratitude sheet! Thanks again for facilitating such a beautiful, fun and transformative experience, Catherine.

Your purple gratitude sheet fills me with giggly, girlish delight. I wanna squirt paint on it too! What an amazing night of connection and fun.

You rule!

I’m so happy the purple gratitude sheet delights you! Your delight is delightful!

Thank you, Brenda. And I’m so glad you were there that evening. I love your word “transformative” and I’d love to learn more about your experience of transformation by e-mail on in person some time. Helps me with my own transformation.

oh i just love love love this!!!
i love the smudge… makes it that much better!
what a fun dance… and amazing creativity… yes… certainly gratitude!!!

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