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“Desolate Yet All Undaunted” (Poe) Collage

Desolate Yet All Undaunted, Catherine Raine, 2012

The raven is curious about the eclipse but not overly concerned. He stands his ground without fear.

Desolate Yet All Undaunted, Catherine Raine, 2012

I’m sending this raven piece to an art magazine that is calling for submissions on the theme of Edgar Allen Poe. (The title comes from Poe’s 1845 poem, “The Raven”). Wish me and the raven luck!

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Tabitha, your comment brightened my evening! It makes me so happy that the Raven spoke to you! Hooray!

Catherine — this is beautiful — stark but with a bit of humour; certain standing his ground, curious without fear. I love the colour-palette you’ve used for this. I agree with Tabitha, the people at the magazine would be blind for not loving this.

Dear Ellen,
It perked up my evening to read your comment about the raven piece. So happy you liked the colors and the bird’s courage. Today I was thinking about how the elements that compose the bird are included in the eclipse — maybe a comment on how we all hold both the moon and sun in us.

That’s a really interesting comment, CAtherine — about how the elements that compose the bird are also included in the eclipse, and how we all hold the moon and sun inside us. Do you know the Inuit legend about how the Raven stole the light back from a greedy old man who had stolen the sun, the moon, and the stars, and taken light away from the world?
Also, the eye of the Raven is especially bright in your collage — seeing light and dark.

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