Dixit Storytelling Cards Inspire ESL Class

As an ESL teacher at a college, I’m always searching for interesting images to discuss, and these cards for the storytelling game, Dixit, struck me as richly imaginative. Recently, I asked students in my communication class to choose a picture from the deck of cards and give a short presentation about it. I was delighted by their insightful responses and asked permission to share their descriptions of the cards on my blog.

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

Sometimes life is so difficult, but you should always have hope and life. For example, look at the air in her hair. You need to fight all the time against air and the weather, but I think it’s worth fighting for life. And sometimes the world is cold, but there is still a flower growing to give you hope. (Karen)

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

They are playing chess.The warm light is shining on the couple. There is a loving feeling. . . Love is like playing chess. Regardless of the outcome, everyone can enjoy this process. In simple terms, just I want to find a girlfriend. . . The picture is very sweet and can give me a deep impression. . . Love is a wonderful thing. (Edward)

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

There are two fairies and a monster. The monster is trying to eat one fairy, and the other fairy is helping the fairy to escape. The monster is thinking, “I will eat you.” The fairies are thinking, “We want to leave.” I’m worried about the fairies. I chose this picture because it looked like the fairies said, “Please help us!” (Alvin)

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

Long, long ago, there was a rabbit kingdom and wolf kingdom. The rabbit king had to kill the wolf king. In the picture, the rabbit is holding a sword. To kill the animal, he has to slip into the bedroom of the wolf. He sees three doors. He doesn’t know which door to choose. He thinks a king lives behind the flower door because it is beautiful. He goes in to kill the wolf. He stops the war. The rabbit kingdom’s citizens call the rabbit an iron man. He is very brave. (Jian)

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

One day a boy is standing in front of the tree. His hand is holding an axe. He’s hesitating. Will he hack the tree or not hack the tree? I think he will hack it because the fruit of this tree is imagination. . . . Everyone has an imagination. (Teo)

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

I think this is a comedian. I think he’s crying. The comedian has finished his work. In fact, he’s facing his life. He’s an ordinary human being. I think he may have run into some trouble or a sad thing. When I see the picture, I feel very helpless, sad, and very lonely.

I chose this picture because it is very realistic in our lives. Sometimes many people show their glamorous side to everyone and keep the sad side to themselves. Their heart is very strong. A lot of people are like this. He can make others happy but not make himself happy. He has a strong heart. (Jerry)

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

A boy is planting seeds. The boy is thinking about a good harvest. When I see this picture, I feel hope for the future. I think the boy is not just planting seeds. He is planting hope. In the future, his dream will come true. (Annie)

Dixit card illustrated by Marie Cardouat

This girl is an island. She’s watching the ship. She looks sad. She wants to be a person again. (Gold)

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This is really a great activity! The students work shows they are using their critical thinking skills…which is what we want from our students. So much of their work is protracted, that this is such a refreshing change!

Catherine, this is such an inspiring project with such beautiful results. The students are able to express themselves in complex imaginative ways that reflect their whole thinking and selves which is not easy to capture in a beginner class! Thanks for sharing.

I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback, Olethea! Thank you so much for reading and responding to the post.

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