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External Validation 1987

External Validation 1987 emerged from the process of playing with the construction (and deconstruction) of identity based on artifacts of official achievement: grade reports, standardized test scores, photographs, newspaper articles, and a badge from a 1987 teen pageant. As I worked on the décollage, it felt cathartic to glue down and tear back these defining layers of personal history, creating something new from the documentary “evidence” of academic perfection and parental approval, examining the official proof of my self-worth.

The following photos show the process of collage and décollage that created External Validation 1987.

Hold it together, Sister
1987 Miss TEENS (fellow contestants)
Winner of Miss Teen Missouri 1987 (spoiler: it's not me!)
Winner of Miss TEEN Missouri 1987 (spoiler: it was not me!)
photo of a beauty pageant winner, newspaper article, and dinosaur
Raine accepted for TEEN Event
image of a report card with grades
High school report card
image of a dinosaur, beauty queen, report card, and patterned paper
Am I doing OK? Am I OK?
My senior-year class photo
My senior-year class photo
image contains a badge and blue colored paper
My contestant badge
The first tear
Adding the top layer and then the first tear
Image obscured
image of paper collage with red, white, and blue
More tears
image of torn papers
Layers revealed
image of torn paper
Further tearing
image of a collage with torn-back layers
Varied layers
image of varied layers of torn-back paper
Almost complete
Image of collage with torn papers and yarn
Final image
image of a face, some yarn, and patterned torn papers
Detail from External Validation 1987
image of a face and torn paper
Detail from External Validation 1987
image with dinosaur, face, and torn printed papers
Detail from External Validation 1987

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