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ESL Students’ Relaxation Collages

To follow up a recent textbook unit on healthy lifestyles, I asked the students to make collages on the theme of relaxation. The resulting collages made me proud of their individuality, creativity, and colours!

Ellidan's Collage
Ellidan’s Collage
Flyer's Collage
Flyer’s Collage
Mina's Collage
Mina’s Collage
Simplice's Collage
Simplice’s Collage
Christian's Collage
Christian’s Collage
Hannah's Collage
Hannah’s Collage
Jay's Collage
Jay’s Collage
Angela's Collage
Angela’s Collage
Angela's Collage
Angela’s Collage
Jhosuet's Collage
Jhosuet’s Collage
Judith's Collage
Judith’s Collage
Edwin's Collage
Edwin’s Collage

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