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Collages for Relaxation and Welcoming Spring

My collage bag and I paid a visit to a colleague’s ESL class this morning for a guest lesson. In forty minutes, sixteen fantastic collages emerged, creating a buzz of creative excitement!

Joey's Collage
Joey’s Collage
Joey's Collage
Joey’s Collage
Joey's Collage
Joey’s Collage
Cassie's Collage
Cassie’s Collage
Celia's Collage
Celia’s Collage
Rick's Collage
Rick’s Collage
Salman's Collage
Salman’s Collage
Shen's Collage
Shen’s Collage
Guermo's Collage
Guillermo’s Collage
Jose's 3-D Collage
Jose’s 3-D Collage
Ryan's Collage
Ryan’s Collage (Background print by Carlyle Raine)
Lorraine's Collage
Lorraine’s Collage
Henry's Collage
Henry’s Collage
Jesse's Collage
Jesse’s Collage
Zoey's Collage
Zoey’s Collage

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