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Milk Door, a Photo-poem by Catherine

When soldiers returned to father the Boomers,
this house had a miniature door
for bottles to enter full and leave empty,
waiting to turn milk-opaque again.

After the rise of supermarkets, the portal changed to a window,
six milky panes slap-spackled in the brick,
intimate economies traded
for plastic jugs, sloshing bags, and Snippits.

Today, morning rays tremble where hinges once swung,
and light is the currency of nourishment.
Absence has punched through the wall,
dispensing with chiseled finesse.
But thanks to the glass, tactless bricks
do not efface the door’s memory.

Instead, as stained-glass surrenders to water,
transparency releases pools of color,
visual sighs for the lost,
and prayers for anguished strength
to roll back the boulders from tombs.

Six thick panes for discarded cradles,
rusty skate keys, and faded bowling prizes.
One shelf for the clink of empties, echoes of booming demands to grow up strong.

Milk door to window,
necessary to obsolete.
What shines can seed the deepest soil.
And what empties to nothing
holds rivers of radiant ghosts
that shimmer, swirl, and eddy in aching gold.


Found Shadows and Reflections

Outside Kennedy Station, 2017


Holland Nature Reserve, 2017


Liberty, Missouri, 2017


The Afghan Blanket and the Gift Bag, 2017


Outside Scribbler’s coffee shop (Kent, Ohio), 2018
Lee Lifeson Art Park in Honor of RUSH, Toronto, 2016


Construction Shoring near Kennedy Station


Sidewalk by Woodneath Library, Kansas City, 2018


Chestnut Tree in North York,  2018


Rouge Park, 2018


Rouge Park, 2018


Rouge Park, 2018


Aga Khan Museum, 2018


Hazeldean Woods Park, Ottawa, 2018

Rain on the Parking Lot Outside Adonis Supermarket, Scarborough, 2018

Winter Light Display, Liberty Missouri, 2019

Impressions of Toogood Pond, Scarborough Civic Centre, and David Balfour Trail

Toogood Pond, Unionville Ontario

Toogood Pond, Unionville Ontario

Toogood Pond, Unionville Ontario

Scarborough Civic Centre

Scarborough Civic Centre

David Balfour Trail

David Balfour Trail

David Balfour Trail, Train Bridge

David Balfour Trail, Train Bridge

David Balfour Trail, Train Bridge

David Balfour Trail, Train Bridge

Anonymous Penny Exchange

Although pennies are no longer in circulation in Canada, the forest economy is different. Last May I found a 1978 Canadian penny on the forest floor of Serena Gundy Park. I shifted it to a curved patch of moss for a photo and left it there.

Penny Found on the Forest Floor, Serena Gundy Park

Two months later, I followed the same trail, and to my surprise I saw a penny in almost the same spot! It was a different one though, stamped with the year 2007. It rested just beside the moss patch, possibly nudged from it by a curious animal.

Serena Gundy Park

Thank you, mysterious hiker, for creating an anonymous penny exchange! If I had had a penny with me, I would have extended the game. As it was, I took a picture and let the coin remain there for the next pair of wondering eyes.

Photography Moments: Late Winter to Spring 2017

Serena Gundy Park

Sunnybrook Park

Highland Creek

Highland Creek

Chain Fence Reflected in a Puddle by Farlinger Ravine

Fire Illusion 1 (Streetlight and Plastic Bag in Tree)

Fire Illusion 2

Iris in the Rain, William Jewell College

Reflection of the Footbridge Over the Creek, Liberty Missouri

Taylor Massey Creek

Serena Gundy Park

Near Scarborough Golf Club, Markham Road

Gatineau Trail

Peonies in the Garden, Scarborough

Peonies in the Garden

Cherry Stack Hollow, Wexford Woods

Kildeer on Her Nest, Milne Dam Conservation Park

Milne Dam Conservation Park

Photostudies for Winter 2016-2017

Frozen Puddle, Scarborough 2016

St. Louis, Missouri Tree

Taylor Massey Creek, Scarborough

Serena Gundy Park, Toronto


Serena Gundy Park


Morningside Park

Morningside Park

Morningside Park

Taylor Massey Creek

Birkdale Ravine

Taylor Massey Creek

E. T. Seton Park

E. T. Seton Park

Taylor Massey Creek

E. T. Seton Park

Birchdale Ravine

Taylor Massey Creek

Taylor Massey Creek
Taylor Massey Creek

Clayton Missouri

Taylor Massey Creek

Wilket Creek

Gesture Studies with Windsock Model

Sky Star Pose

Near the beginning of an extended walk last November, I became transfixed by a tall flapping windsock outside a bakery. I ended up taking over seventy pictures of the wind-animated figure, and each one had a different pose. It was like receiving a free art class on the topic of gesture studies!

Smiling with Abandon into the Beyond

Drop Me in the River

It’s astonishing how expressive fabric can be when it composes a long tube for the body, two hollow arms, and a head with strips of black cloth for hair. The different angles of the head and arms as well as various bends in the body’s “spine” gave strong impressions of joy, fatigue, despair, sass, embarrassment, playfulness, surrender, overwhelm, triumph, and humor.

Bliss Float

The Stretch Just After Waking

I managed to reduce the number of pictures by more than half, but I still need to ask viewers’ indulgence for the quantity of images posted here. (Sending a big thank you to Veronica Paloma for her thoughtful comments on these photos when I first posted them on Facebook last fall and for providing ideas for the titles “Bliss Float,” “Cheerleader,” and “Responding to the Latin Beat.”)

Freedom to Be a Willow

Salute to Freedom

Taken Way Aback

Shy Greeting

Overcome by the Giggles

Marching Just Because I Want to March in the Wind

Don’t Underestimate My Biceps Just Because I Am a Windsock. I Will Flex at You Until You Are Convinced!

You Rang?

Fetch Me My Fainting Couch!

Horizontal Rocket Launch

Temporary Lack of Insight

Be Still My Hollow Heart!

Windsock Means Business

My Apologies


Responding to the Call of the Salsa Beat

Fill the Frame with Joy

Awkward Conversation

I Wish I Could Complete This Cartwheel

Defiantly Awkward

Gracious Welcome

This Trampoline Is Awesome!

Blown Back by a Temporary Obstacle