Library-sponsored Cultural Outing: Map Pass Rules!

Thanks to a Toronto Public Library Map Pass, I received free admission to the Textile Museum of Canada yesterday afternoon. I saved fifteen dollars and gained a rewarding experience which nourished my imagination into the bargain!

Artistic Garage Door to Museum

In addition to the permanent collection, I enjoyed the gorgeous clothing and wall hangings on display as part of “Silk Oasis on the Silk Road: Bukhara” and the diverse elements of “Magic Squares: The Patterned Imagination of Muslim Africa in Contemporary Culture.”

Wrapper from Nigeria, 1970’s
Egyptian Door Hanging (1920-1929)

My favourite part of the library-sponsored trip was listening to the 99 attributes of God in Arabic as I sat on the floor in front of Alia Toor’s 99 dust masks embroidered with these Names. I don’t know how to read Arabic script, but I recognized a few of the words being recited into my ears via a pair of Sony headphones: Ar-Rahim (the Compassionate) and Al-Hakim (the Wise).

“99 Names of Aman” (2004) by Alia Toor

After I left the soul-enriching exhibit and was about to exit the building, a family of three entered the lobby. And what did they give the cashier at admissions? A library Map Pass, of course!

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  1. i love the map pass too! i’ve visited a historic house museum with it, and planning on taking out another one to visit black creek. i haven’t gone to the textile museum in years, the “99 Names of Aman” seems fascinating, which makes me want to go visit it again. thank you for the great post! đŸ˜€

  2. You’re welcome, Trish! You’ve inspired me to try to get a pass to visit a historic house. I really recommend another visit to the Textile Museum. It was really enjoyable.

  3. How many hours did YOU spend pulling out the drawers of textiles at the V&A in London?

  4. I’m curious how many hours you spent pulling out those drawers! Actually, when I was living in Britain I didn’t know how much I loved textiles! I didn’t really start doing art until about four years ago. Life is mysterious!

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