And now for Goldhawk Park, Steeles, and Bridlewood branches

The previous post described the first two libraries out of the five Stewart and I visited a couple of weeks ago, so now I’d like to focus on the remaining three. Goldhawk Park branch resided in its own square building and seemed less trendy than Woodside Square. However, Goldhawk Park’s location on the edge of […]

Northeast Scarborough Library Fest

Two Saturdays ago, Stewart and I visited five libraries in northeast Scarborough. That’s right! Five! Listed in the order visited, these branches include: Malvern, Woodside Square, Goldhawk Park, Steeles, and Bridlewood. The south flank of Malvern Library reminded me of a giant silver ice-cube tray turned on its side to drain. The front of the […]

Fifty two Toronto libraries visited! Books all OVER the city!

Downsview branch was my 50th library, a large and self-contained building with an enormous main floor and smaller basement level, similar in set up to Don Mills Library. As I entered Downsview library, my head tilted back in appreciation of the wealth of light and space above the shelves. I felt like I was in […]

A Walking Tour of Urban Affairs, Sanderson, and College/Shaw Branches

A few days after the Mount Pleasant Library visit, I walked from the Eaton Centre to Ossington and Bloor, taking in three libraries along the way. The first library I visited that day was Urban Affairs inside Metro City Hall. A blue and green banner alerted me to its presence, and I walked up a […]

Three More Libraries on My TPL Pilgrimage!

Let me tell you about them. Don Mills Library–lobby featured a pillow embroidery display and a potted pine, main level was a massive room with orange walls, and the basement level offered substantial reference and career section. Flemingdon Park Library–a small room housed within a larger community centre, very warm atmosphere with distinct but not […]

Libraries, the Sequel

In an earlier post I described the Toronto Public Libraries east of the Don Valley Parkway that I’ve visited. Now, after a pause that heightened suspense to unbearable levels, I give you, ladies and gentlemen, the Libraries West of the Don Valley that Catherine Has Visited! Parliament–a spacious building on two floors, very helpful staff […]

Johnathan Franzen’s The Corrections

Despite the book’s grim realism, I liked its insights, the flashes of recognition I experienced when I read the older characters’ dialogue. Like the Midwestern Enid Lambert, my grandmother says “it tickled me” as in “I got a kick out of it”. I’m not sure if Grandma would be tickled by Franzen’s depiction of a […]