Poured Wax Cake by Catherine

Sushi Wax Cake by Catherine Raine, 2010 Would you like to eat this cake? Tempting but not recommended! Sushi Wax Cake by Catherine Raine, 2010 Sushi Wax Cake by Catherine Raine, 2010 To make this poured wax piece, I constructed four walls for the border (using strips of wax), made some barriers in different shapes […]

New Cloth Creature by Catherine

Catherine Raine, 2010 Catherine Raine, 2010 Catherine Raine, 2010 I sewed this creature (as yet unnamed) in the basement cafeteria at the Art Gallery of Ontario. My friend Ellen was with me, and she made an amazing fish-like creature. The materials I used included socks, ribbons, and scraps of fabric. Thank you for the old […]

Poignant Story Behind Main Street’s Sesquicentennial Quilt

Here’s a true story that gave me goosebumps. It’s about a community-made quilt in a library, a random question, a family bereavement, and amazing coincidences. About six weeks ago, I visited Main Street Library and was very taken by a large quilted tapestry hanging on the east wall of the attic. It had been made […]

“My Personal Testimony” by Holocaust Survivor Hedy Bohm

This morning I went to Mount Pleasant Library to hear Hedy Bohm tell her story of survival. A quietly charismatic woman with a vivid orange scarf, Hedy didn’t waste a moment of the pre-talk waiting time. She greeted the two classes of grade 7 and 8 students and passed around large photos of Auschwitz, Birkenau […]

Today’s Program at Deer Park Library: Personal Testimony of Holocaust Survivor Helen Schwartz

November 1-9 is the 30th Annual Holocaust Education Week, and I was grateful to attend an unforgettable afternoon talk as part of this educational program. In the upstairs room at the Deer Park Library, 85 year-old Helen Schwartz testified to the loss of her entire family and “everything that was dear to me.” In the […]

Textiles Meet Collage (Two Pieces by Catherine)

Fighting Blue Demons of Disconnection (2010) I made this piece for the Octopus Project’s May Exhibit at the Distillery District. The challenge was to use the shades of only one colour. Purple Triangle Web (2010) Here’s how this wrapped collage looks on the outside. Partially unwrapped. Fully unwrapped. Collage Centerfold! Close-up!

Jenny’s Purple Meadow

 Jenny’s Purple Meadow A few months ago Jenny asked me if the news of her cancer diagnosis had made me think about my own mortality. I said, “Sure it does. You’re a part of me.” She’ll always be a part of me, a precious patch of Jenny-ness that inspires and sustains me. When I visualize […]

Elliot Lake Library: An Ontario Treasure in Algo Centre Mall

On a recent weekend visit to remote Elliot Lake, Stewart and a friend who was living there indulged me in a visit to Elliot Lake Library when we could have gone directly to a lake. My friend took us inside the town’s quiet 1980’s mall, where we found a wonderful Bibliothèque/Library. It was much larger […]